Testing for the detection of STDs.

PCR testing to determineSTDs

Sometimes it is very annoying, but in certain cases it can also be really harmful to health. We are talking about Sexual Transmittable Diseases (STDs). A more open minded approach to the concept of sex had become fashionable in the 1960s. Many people then experimented with sex and drugs and pushed boundaries. The rise of HIV and other STDs made safe sex the new norm. Common STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are still a scourge for people with many changing contacts, such as swingers. In addition to having sex with a condom, periodic testing for the presence of an STD can also help to monitor one’s own health. Other STDs you have probably heard of are Hepatitis B, syphilis, genital warts and Trichomoniasis. The presence of a number of common STDs can be detected by means of PCR technology (which is commonly used in the biomedical labs to determine the presence of other viruses, bacterias, yeasts (like Candida Albicans) and other health threats. For hepatitis B, it is possible to receive a vaccine and be protected as well. On this website we would like to keep you informed about development with regard to STDs.