PCR testing for the detection of COVID-19, STDs and other diseases.

PCR testing to determineinfections

In the beginning of the corona crisis it may have been the most important tool for mankind to keep the virus under control: the PCR test. After months of bad news and quarantines, almost everyone on this planet has heard about PCR testing. Incidentally, the technology is not new and is already widely used for, for example, the presence of an STD and for other areas within biotechnology, such as the presence of Candida Albicans. The analysis for PCR testing is usually done on large machines in professional laboratories. But for a shorter turnaround time, it can be decided to use so-called point of care machines. These smallest machines can be easily moved, so that they can be used anywhere. In this way, the turnaround time of a PCR test can be shortened enormously. These Point of Care machines are not very suitable for large numbers of PCR tests, as the capacity of this solution is factors lower than that of PCR machines in large laboratories. On this page we would like to share information about PCR testing. If you are looking for PCR testing in the 4 largest cities in the Netherlands, please check out:

  1. PCR testing in the Amsterdam area
  2. PCR testing in the Rotterdam area
  3. PCR testing in the Utrecht area
  4. PCR testing in the Hague area

For people traveling in Belgium there is a website where you can find locations where you can obtain a PCR test traveling certificate. Please check PCR test certificate Antwerp or PCR test certificate Brussels. In Spain you can go to PCR prueba para viajar en Madrid or PCR test Valencia.